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I have been skimming my way through a book that focusses on higher level Web design today. It’s amazing how quickly these books go out of date, but it’s also interesting to learn how things have evolved. For example ‘Web Design for Dummies’ 2009 still devotes a section to talking lovingly about table based layouts.. however my ‘Dummies All in One’ from 2011 strictly implies that table based layouts have no place in modern society !

I’ve started a 30 day trial of Adobe CS5.5. This product comprises the ‘Industry standard’ Web design package.. however it seems that there are almost as many reasons to learn how to hand code things as there are to get to grips with all this ‘bloat ware’ ( as some may call it ) . It’s not exactly easy to learn Dreamweaver IMHO, however I can see why ‘Designer types’ may not wish to spend their days immersed in code. I already have Photoshop elements 9, which is a great graphics editor, although even that is not strictly necessary with the likes of Gimp available for free… The complete CS5.5 suite checks in at about £1700 so it’s a moot point at the moment really !

I am working on a web site to use data from the ‘Hills database’ at the backend to generate downloadable waypoint files for GPS receivers. I am intending this to be a bit of a showcase for my WWW Dev skills, so I also want it to look nice! The idea is to send data from a PHP script using ‘Ajax’ XMLHttpRequest() with JSON formatted data. This will then be shown as a table generated in Javascript on the client side along with the option of plotting the points on a map, using the OS or Google mapping API’s

I think I’ve come to accept that as a first stab at creating a dynamic web site, V1 may not do every thing I wish ! I would hope to find it useful to program my GPS next time I head off to the Lakes though 😉

Oh yeah, on a final note ( and the reason for the title of this post ) I am now correcting errors on the w3schools web site, so I’ve gone from complete novice to nit picking nerd 😉

DOM Methods belong to Document

HTML DOM Methods

Some DOM methods:

x.getElementById(id) – get the element with a specified id
x.getElementsByTagName(name) – get all elements with a specified tag name
x.appendChild(node) – insert a child node to x
x.removeChild(node) – remove a child node from x
Note: In the list above, x is a node object (HTML element).


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