CS5.5 Slices


I’ve been playing with the CS 5.5 Photoshop trial, specifically the Slice and ‘Save for Web’ features. So it all works very nicely allowing you to go from a Photoshop mock-up direct to a  web page. The idea is that you slice up your  image to create the various buttons and images as separate files. This is so that pictures and graphics can be optimised as JPG and GIF respectively and in the process they become individual elements on your web site rather than one big Photoshop file.

The trouble is that when I tried this, the resultant HTML uses a table based layout tut tut.. so not that clever after all is it ? To hand edit this code would really be a nightmare compared to a CSS based layout. Perhaps there is a way of telling it to make use of CSS? CSS  was invented to make laying out web pages as separated from  the html as possible. I’ve read that HTML is meant only for specifying /what/ not /how/ stuff  is displayed

Perhaps this is just an example of how people become totally reliant and Adobe products, LOL !


I’ve also been studying the HTTP protocol.. quite a good thing to know about I expect. I wanted to to try and get a better understanding of what the headers are all about since they are mentioned in relation to the XMLHttprequest object  in the Javascript book.  The reason for wanting to understand this is related to something I am figuring out for the Hills Database project, namely dynamically creating a PDF file on the server. How to go about having the browser download and save it ? How does the browser know to do something different with the PDF rather than an html file ? The answer is in the mime type header in the http response ( so it would seem!)


One other thing I have discovered today is exactly how cool spotlight search in OSX is.. I have quite a few ebooks now and can search through them all using a smart folder and spotlight ! I also ( eventually) discovered how to do  AND searches (for example filetype PDF /or/ CHM) … you hold down the OPTION Key on the search item and the + turns to ellipses… if you are a Mac user you’ll know what I mean, if not then you’ll think I’ve lost it 😉 You can also us some special key words, for example type name:apple to search for files that have ‘apple’ in their file names ( by default you’d get a list of all files that contained ‘apple’ in their contents which has always seemed like a bizarre thing to me !)


I’ve also managed to retrieve  my spare ( working ) office chair from the loft today, hopefully no more back ache since I can adjust the height on this one 🙂 The trick of putting a jubilee clip around the pole didn’t work LOL 😉




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