Time to learn TM

I downloaded an audio book to listen to in the Gym yesterday. It’s all about  improving Time Management and Productivity. I was quite pleased for having found this. Having pressed play ( lol ), as I sat down to start my 30 minutes rowing the narration  started off by talking about ‘clearing you desk of paper’ and then as the references to fax’s, ‘Electronic Mail’ “this section of the tape” and these clever things called ‘Pocket phones’ started flowing… I slowly realised that this was not a recent book ! It’s amazing how ubiquitous Email and Mobile phones have become and they stopped selling tapes….. when ?  It was a worthwhile experience overall though, a lot of the advice handed out still applies today.


I’ve had a dig around the internet and found a time management book that’s more up to date and I’ve also been playing with ‘Grindstone’ . Grindstone is an  awesome little Windows app. that lets you create task lists and record in real time the amount of time you have spent on each activity. I’m recording ‘updating blog’ as I write this ! The hope is that over time I can see where I need to allocate time more effectively  and rate the value of time spent in a particular task. EG. ‘drinking beer on sofa in front of TV ‘ versus ‘applying for jobs’ is obvious which might be more beneficial ! Over time more  more subtle differences become apparent, like reading a book versus playing with CSS code ( which would equate to my higher level goals of learning versus skills development… ) Clever stuff hey ?


To be honest I haven’t done much of any thing for a couple of days, I really ought  to set the alarm clock !


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