Life Coaching, iMacs and autumn… and chips

Well I’ve discovered self help audio books. 100 ways to motivate yourself.. I have to say this sure beats listening to 4 Music on the TV in the Gym.. ( I hate those ‘Pay Day Lender’ ads. !)  I also found  an amazing resource from Anthony Robinson…  this guy is amazing in his level of intensity and I am really enjoying his stuff. If nothing else my work outs are so much more intense ! I spent the whole day in bed recovering yesterday !


I put a new tyre on the racing bike and headed out today  on a 2Hr New Forest round trip.  I have been doing the same round trip since 2005 and I can say that despite putting on a few pounds, I can do it faster today than at any time since 2005 ! The reason ? Well I think it’s probably the weight lifting training I’ve been doing.. my legs are a lot stronger.. problem is that currently my lungs can’t always keep up with them ! I am going to get back out   in the forest tomorrow to get some more Autumn shots with my camera. I was surprised by the number of photographers about ( and cyclists actually ) It’s a beautiful time of year in the forest that’s for sure. I wouldn’t want to live any where else.

I’ve finally found a solution to my Apple OSX Lion ‘Angst’ I’ve installed Snow leopard onto a USB disk and so one of my iMacs now has good old Expose and Spaces back up and running. I think this is better  than ‘Mission Control’ . Since I’ve got two iMacs, one can run Leopard and one can run Lion. iMacs let you use their displays as a monitor.. so I simply press CMD F2 and that iMac becomes a second monitor to the other one. Snow Leopard is better for multiple monitor support but Lion has it’s advantages too. I should have been a bit more cautious upgrading.. but I’ve never had a problem with Mac OSX before !

Tony Robinson recommends doing ‘incantations’ which are kind of related to ‘neural linguistic programming’ ( I think). It’s kind of like a ‘mantra’ but he demonstrates how he does his incantations.. have you ever seen one of those TV shows where  US marines are trained to shout weird stuff whilst training ? The idea is to programme the brain ( presumably at a fairly low ( hardware ?) level) to be able to attain a certain emotion/ state of being. So …. imagine you have just reached a life goal.. oh I don’t know.. say you save your first £million .. how would you feel ? What emotions would you have ? The idea is that you need to attain that emotion /NOW/ you can’t live your life hoping that you will get something that you may not ever have.. get the idea ? Well 6.7 Gb of stuff to work through yet.. wish me Luck 🙂 It’s better than PayDayLender ads Arrrrggrhhh !!!!!







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