Anchors, Subwoofers and marathon training

I’ve decided that I am going to start training for a marathon. I have not looked into what’s required just yet but I figure that If I can do 2HR Solid at 150BPM on the elliptical machine  or 50 miles in 5 hr on the bike around the new forest, then if I loose a few more pounds then a marathon is well with in my reach !  I’ve been reading a load of self help books and listening to audio books from Anthony Robbins whilst at the gym. He’s quite big in the States but seemingly not so over this side of the pond. It’s a real shame though since his ‘Personal Power’ 30 day tapes are quite simply changing my outlook on life. I had 5 blissful hours on the mountain bike last week going around my normal 50 Mile route, listening to him. This guy can literally talk for an hour with so much passion and enthusiasm and say such interesting stuff that you simply loose track of time. Let just say I’ve been working on my states and anchors and have been doing some swish patterns today… OK it sounds like I’ve lost it.. but it’s great !  I’ve anchored positive emotions to my finger tips and erased a few disempowering beliefs.. trust me here ! This stuff rocks.

I bidded on a B&W Subwoofer on ebay thinking I would be outbid but I actually won it ! So I’ve been to Winchester today to pick it up. I met the chap in the Tesco car park and we had a good old chin wag about Plasma TVs, speakers and home cinema in general ! It turns out he’s the sales Director for some company that sells Plasmas or something. I linked up the new Sub and it works great, ahem.. just like the one i already have intact ( exactly like the one I already have to be honest ) It’s just that they come with a ‘Link Out’ connector and I have always wandered what two would sound like in opposite corners of the room! The trouble is that people 2 doors down complain when I crank just the one of them up, It’s 500W of room shaking bass , in a box the size of a.. hmmm the size of a B&W Subwoofer LOL ! Have christened it by watching ‘Company Men ‘ on Blueray.. perhaps not the best film for a Bass demo.

I also got a ‘tax refund’ OMG !






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