Home office GO !

Having spent a fortune on computer stuff when I got made redundant ( 2 years ago now !) I guess I really should have gotten around to this earlier ! Since my last post I have made a couple of fantastic wins on Ebay. Namely I have gotten my self a 1.6M ‘modern’ style computer desk, the type that is sort of ‘L’ shaped. I also won a set of 4 drawers, which are in a pedestal unit. So over Christmas I’ve been very busy sorting things out in the home office ( AKA the spare bedroom !) The desk was a heavy thing to collect and I needed to get the roof bars on the car.. I had a nice chat with the guy who sold it, he’s a Java programmer and was working for a company in Poole ( Dorset ) The company basically made every one except for him redundant and said he could have what ever office furniture he wanted/ needed. I had to drive up to Swindon to pick up the Drawers but like the desk, there were no other bids on the auction and I got a real bargain, I took the scenic route and it was quite a good drive too.


So now I have a really much improved office environment, it’s been a lot of work but it’s so much better and I can’t believe what I’ve achieved for such little outlay. I can only think that Christmas time is a /really/ bad time to try and sell office furniture on Ebay perhaps ?  I have moved the old fold away table out of the way and now have a lovely Maple desk that really befits my Apple set up ! To top it off I gave just bought a new mouse mat.. Tesco Value no less 😉


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