I’ve been spending quite a lot of time learning the Java programming language recently. I’ve got a book or two and have found that just a couple of hours or so a day spent studying really keeps the old grey matter on form . I’ve already learnt a lot about Web development, I must  have read about ‘for ‘ loops and if statements a total of 6 times now. I’ve been through PHP, JavaScript ( several introductory to advanced books ) and now Java. There are only so many times you want to read about the the basic C syntax for a loop  ! It seems  that /every thing/ in Java is  Object oriented .. which takes some getting used to. Not like in PHP where the OOP is sort of bolted on, Java starts and end with OOP ! it’s the worlds most popular programming language though, so perseverance should pay off.

I’ve discovered that iTunes video Podcasts play back on the Gym machines and I’ve been working my way through the programming lectures that you can download from iTunes U.. quite high tech for a council run Gym don’t you think ?Well I’m not going to the Gym today, I’ve got a run planned in the New Forest.It’s a blessing to live a 10 minute walk from  a warm gym with familiar faces and TV,however  running in the Forest is a must for me. My route takes me along a disused railway line, through Oak woodland and across wide open  heath and back past more ancient beech trees to the car ! Could be a bit soggy today though 😉

I’ve improved the lighting my home office. I went out to B&Q because I needed to fix my fence, but I came home with a new light fitting and a shiny stainless steel dimmer switch. It flies in the face of the ‘eco mentalists’.. it’s got 4 50W halogen spotlights. It’s great to have ‘real’ light and it keeps the room warm too 😉 The GU10 bulbs can actually be replaced with LED or CFL types, perhaps something for the Summer months where I won’t benefit from the heating effect

I need to start actually putting all my new knowledge into action at some point. I have to design the web page that this Blog is meant to be linked from for started.  I will probably work through some of the programming exercises in the Deitel book.  I can post my code samples online and impress someone into giving me a job ! I really think knowledge is not much use with out action so that’s the next step really.. to get some tangible results from all my hard study.


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