Web Developer jobs.

Dream Job ?

I think I have found a great job I’d like to apply for. It’s a web developer job at a design agency in Bournemouth. Now if only I had gotten around to doing some web pages and putting some of my knowledge into action I could have something to show them LOL !

Any way they quote wordpress skills as a requirement so here I am genning up on how to customise my WordPress site . So far we have several new categories for posts and a groovy new theme. Most of the stuff I’ve read so for today on The WordPress getting started  Doc. is fairly obvious to be honest. Now what’s this about custom themes then ? Sounds interesting..

Later today I’m also going to be attempting to complete another chapter of the Java ‘How to program’ book ! I will at some point start working through the example exercises.  I’m also sat here with Helley Hansen’s on top and bottom.. it’s freezing and have you ever though how much it costs to run central heating all day long LOL !  Having said that I think my home brew could do with a warm up , the latest brew is well over due ! It’s quite exciting actually.. I’m expecting an order of Beer kits and turbo yeast to arrive today, that should keep me busy this evening.




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