Must have gadget obtained readily

Well how cool is this I am talking from my new iPad using dictation.
I even downloaded the WordPress app and I’m using that, it works pretty well.
I’ve had a great day today I went to Castle point shopping centre topick up the last iPad that Argos had in stock. I have been waiting for this model to arrive since the last one had a screen resolution that was not even better than my decade old laptop. So far I think I have discovered most of the cool new features that I was looking forward to. I’ve uploaded all my Ebooks and they look very good on the high definition display. I’ve also started to re-download all the apps I have on my iPod touch and they are looking pretty good. The Sky+ app does not seem to work yet I wonder if this is because of the new high definition display it’s a shame because that’s one of the best apps on iOS for a sky a subscriber anyway.
It is going to be sunny tomorrow so I am looking forward to perhaps a nice bike ride or perhaps just sit in the garden with a cold home brew. I have been doing a lot of rowing on my home in door rowing machine recently and have had a well deserved day of rest today. I can highly recommend this voice dictation on the new iPad it is certainly very accurate and I only have to fix a word or two in each sentence probably because I can’t speak properly ha ha. I actually thought at first that there was probably a little man in India typing what I was saying but I guess that would be too expensive. Luckily for you my reader this system lets me create volumous web blog WordPress posts which enables you to spend lots of your valuable time reading my interesting thoughts and comments.
If there was one thing that disappointed me about the new Ipad it would be that the glossy display is not that easy to see in the sun light. I kind of wanted to take it in my car with me to view ebooks, however this doesn’t seem like such a great plan unless you have some shade from the sun.
I also downloaded a free remote desktop protocol application which turns my decade old ThinkPad into a touch screen device. I am totally amazed at how well that works. Time to give the little man in India a rest now and find some other stuff to play with on my new iPad.


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