Dictation on the new iPad is really cool

I am really enjoying the sunny weather here in new Milton. I spent today at the gym to escape from the sunshine though and then I came home and drank homebrew lager in the garden in the sun whilst playing with my new iPad.
Since getting my own personal concept 2 in door rower I have improved my 30 minute average of 6000 m to 6500 m today. And I have only had my own rower for a week or so. I really do think that the indoor rowing machine is the perfect exercise machine for home use, it can be used indoors or outdoors if the sun is shining, and it is a great all over body exercise. I have already noticed that the muscles in my upper back, shoulder, my lats and my abdominals and also my arms have started to strengthen. It makes such a difference being able to do an extra 30 or 45 minutes on the rowing machine as well as my usual run down the beach. I am also enjoying the challenge of improving my technique. Unlike many gym machines rower requires thought and practice and studying to yield the best results. Rowing properly also builds psychological strength and stamina. I see a lot of people who will get on the rowing machines at the gym and practice poor technique and give up after less than 10 minutes having had a slightly pathetic attempt at a workout. Having my own machine at home allows me to practice my technique, improve my calorie burn and has the added benefit that when I have a go at the gym I can show everyone how to row properly.

The thought crossed my mind that maybe I should be heading off for a camping trip in the Lake District this week, since the weather is so nice. I have only a few Wainwright hills left to complete and then I will have done them all. I really rather prefer a little bit of solitude in the hills and constant sunshine is not perhaps as good as one might imagine whilst walking in hills. Over the years I have noticed that the New Forest has a similarity to the Lake District in that a bit of sunshine brings out the crowds. In this day of mass car ownership people can easily get into their cars and head for beauty spots when they wake up in the morning and see that the weather is going to be nice. Also walking in hot sunshine all day often requires carrying large volumes of water.

I have got tinker tailor soldier spy on Blu-ray to watch however I am not feeling quite up to it to be honest. At two hours and seven minutes it’s a long film and perhaps I will be rip it to my hard drive to watch at a future date. Let’s face it I just watched top gear and didn’t even manage to chuckle once, perhaps I’m just not in the mood for entertainment.

Well I am definitely going to get out in the sun shine tomorrow, I have my long established 50 mile cycling root in the new forest which I intend to complete. I really like cycling in new forest and yesterday I went cycling and also had a run down the beach in the same day, that’s the benefits of living in new Milton. It is probably the only benefit too ! Seriously though the beach at Barton on Sea is like a god send to me, sometimes on a hot summers day I can go down there and have half a mile of beach to myself, the sun is shining and the water and waves are inviting.

Okay so enough of testing the iPads dictation feature for today, I am so impressed with this. Dictation certainly makes updating my blog so much more fun, and it is a lot easier than typing on the on-screen keyboard. Time to get back to some serious TV watching and perhaps some food munching before my massive cycle ride tomorrow.


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