Rowing… lots of rowing !

Well the big news since my last update is that I have bought my self an indoor rowing machine. I

*Female rower not included.

I have been using these machines in the Gym for many years but have never really taken the time to learn proper technique until now. (Have a look on YouTube for tutorials !)  I’ve had Argos exercise machines before and they are just well… rubbish. Literally they are terrible things to use if they don’t fall apart…

I’d been looking out for a Versa climber for home use but they never seem to come up on eBay. I wanted something that was properly reliable and effective, that would not break down after a month and that was fun and rewarding to use. The great thing about the rower is that it ticks all those boxes on my check list… and more.

The concept 2 rower is the de-facto standard in the gym, for professional rowers training off season.. and amazingly it’s affordable for home users too. It’s built to last and you can get all the parts from the Concept web site. The performance monitor is a highly accurate self calibrating device, which has a USB port, yeh ! This opens the doors to online racing via the concept 2 web site. Well let’s just say I’ve been really pleased with it so far. It’s great to have the ability to just do 40 minutes rowing if the weather is too bad for running and I don’t want to go to the gym.

Kind of planning a trip to the Lakes when it stops raining so trying to loose a few more pounds to help me get up all those hills !

Other News.

Despite many hours studying the gory detail of Web development I still find it difficult to actually get started making a sites. I have the ideas in my head but starting the process of turning them into reality seems to be the tricky part !

I have recently been looking at sites which interest me ( technically, or other wise ) and find that I can now actually start to understand how on earth they were all put together. My favourite example would be  It’s just a sort of diary of hill walking but It’s one of the sites that really inspired me to start leaning about all this stuff. What a great skill to have to be able to build something like this !

Enter ‘ Head first web design’ … this book might just be the missing link in my self study. Firstly I like the ‘brain friendly ‘ approach these books use, it makes learning more fun and although sometimes it seems slow going.. I find I do actually learn stuff. I’ve never really thought about the design elements and logical processes involved in building for the web up until now.

The book shows how you can design pages on paper before even considering the HTML/ CSS . It talks about using visual metaphors and all that sort of good stuff. This means that once you start coding away.. you know exactly what you are trying to achieve. Having a clear idea of the purpose of a site and who the users will be is key. I do kind of think that I will be able to suss out the technical side of things as I go along ( Google is you friend as they say)  So long as I have an awareness of what’s possible to start with.

What’s the point of learning all this stuff ?

Looking at WWW development related jobs I tend to see that they are for people with specialisations in ‘Front end’ ( Java script… HTML CSS etc ) , Design ( Art. graphics, photo shop etc ) or ‘Back end’ ( PHP, MySQL.. etc.. ) So what interests me really is being able to dabble a little bit in all these areas.. it’s just a matter of getting my level of knowledge to a point were I can start building the sort of sites that interest me, and start heading  for a decent portfolio. I really need experience based skills which is only going to happen once I stop reading all these E-books and start coding some stuff !

Anyone want a web site building ? 🙂






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