Finally time for an update

Well it’s been a while since my last update. However I have been up to quite a lot recently. I’ve had two weeks of camping in the lake district. I was lucky enough to have the hottest weather in May ever recorded. The weather made the headlines and it was nice sitting outside the tent in the campsite swigging cool beer from my camping fridge. However the purpose of the trip was in fact to do hillwalking more than drink beer, and considering I was sweating buckets just sat in my chair, walking was in fact quite a challenge!
Luckily Lakeland provides ample flowing cool water in the form of becks, Gills, stream and waterfalls which all can be used for the purposes of dehydration and cooling off !

All in all I had a fantastic holiday the worst parts really was the Jubilee weekend which caused the campsite to fill up and perhaps the fact that I had to get my car fixed after being left stranded on the way to get beer in Keswick !

I’ve very nearly completed all the Wainwright Hills now, I’ve been saying that for a while now but I must have bagged about 20 or so this past trip. My plan is to move on to the Monro’s once I have finished the hills in Cumbria however I think I will be looking forward to a few more trips to the Lake district yet.
Today I have been drooling over the new retina display MacBook pro. Applying logic to my thoughts however I think that the high resolution display on the iPad is more than enough for what you want a high resolution display for usually.. High resolution is most useful for meeting you books. High resolution on a small notebook display is probably going to lead to eyestrain, it’s better to rely on The macs’ excellence multi virtual desktop I would have thought. I have seen that Octobers MacBook pro is now reduced by £350 and am tempted to buy this, my last MacBook has done me well over five years or so.

Have invested 2 pounds into an extended headphone cable which is a revelation. This lets me watch my TV whilst doing rowing and it’s incredible how small things can lead to such a great improvement in one’s lifestyle.

It’s a shame about the weather but I’ve done my hours rowing today whilst watching TV, now looking forward to a nice curry 🙂 I’m going to wait until tomorrow or Monday to decide on whether to get a Mac book pro I think it might be worth it since they do last so long, and hold their value so well.


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