I blame TV

I went out cycling on Monday and managed to spill hot tea all over myself . It was worse because I was sat on a foam mat and the tea pooled on the top of it so I was sat in a puddle of scalding tea ! Despite my best efforts of dowsing my rear end in the stream, I still haven’t quite a nasty burn. I have been taking things a bit easy since Monday hopefully it looks like it should clear up soon and I can get back to the gym and doing my running, cycling and rowing. It’s amazing how much for granted you take your health and basic ability to do every day things which you enjoy doing.

I finally upgraded my six year old MacBook pro to a new MacBook pro which was on sale at John Lewis. I don’t like the looks of the new retina display MacBook pro, because it’s not upgradable and does not even have a network interface card. I’ve already installed a whopping great 1 TB disk and hopefully this laptop will last me six years or so like the last one did. It’s also amazing to think that the memory can be upgraded to 16 GB. I think I will leave that upgrade for a while !

Have decided that I need to cut down on my TV viewing, four or five hours a day is simply too much ! I am going to spend the time I save developing some webpages and looking for jobs. Not to mention tidying up the house and decluttering things in general. I guess you can look at it as though you are stopping doing one thing in order to save time for what’s really important.

It’s a shame about the weather, but there is a ice cream van which has been sat outside my house every afternoon this week for two or three hours with his tunes going and it’s driving me nuts !


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