Life after TV

I’ve been doing lots of self help books recently. Anthony Robbins is my favourite and it’s really quite amazing the amount of knowledge this bloke has about the human mind and behaviour. Not only that though, it’s the way he can communicate his topic so passionately on his tapes. I regularly do five-hour cycle rides in the New Forest, and the time really does fly by whilst listening to Mr Robbins ! The most recent set of tapes I listened to was ‘Time of your Life’ and it’s spooky how this tied in with how I have been trying recently to drag my self away from the TV. This course talks all about how you can catagorize activities as ‘important’ and or ‘urgent’ . It’s really quite amazing, that in this country one can go through life and be taught a myriad of technical skill, facts and figures but never have any formal training on how to manage one’s own time and to think about how to plan one’s life  ! It’s certainly a better use of gym time, rather than listening to those god awful music TV channels which they insist on having up full volume all the time !

Well anyway it really does look as if summer ended yesterday, I did have rather a nice day in the sunshine out in my MX5. I was rather humorously surprised by a overzealous park manger lady who came up and parked beside me and moved me on whilst I was reading my book ! It never occurred to me that I was doing anyone any harm just sitting by the side of a quiet road reading my book it made me chuckle somewhat. I have resolved to be really naughty at some point in the future and fullfill my goal of doing some proper ‘wild camping’ in the new forest. If I get caught doing that they’ll really throw the book at me. God forbid they’ll probably take my name down on a list or something! I also have a painful memory of being reprimanded for cycling off the track in my distant,  murky past ( grin)

So as per the Title of my post here, I have indeed cut down the time I have been spending ‘glued to the box’ and am enjoying what I do watch a lot more. It’s scary to think just how much of my day I have been spending, but I have resolved to spend no more than 10% of my time viewing, which is still a lot when you think of what other distractions rob us all of time every day ! ( writing blog posts for example ?)

Farewell to summer, I need to get my camping fridge back from my brother and start planning my October trip to the Lakes. I aim to complete my round of the Wainwrights this trip and it’s always good to get back to the campsite 🙂





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