The science of Success

What we get in life is a result of what we focus on. By focusing on  successes people achieve more of their potential. It’s the reason why the rich get richer… So amazingly it seems that it is actually possible to teach people how to be successful !  How do you manage your time if you don’t have a plan for your life ? What are the areas of your life you must  continuously focus on so that you ‘progress’ ? What do you truly want in life.. For example, Do you want a fast car ? How will that make you feel ? Hmm….


So todays lesson was all about ‘purpose’ . So what is my life’s purpose ? I don’t mean ‘ pay the bills and collect toys’ I mean… What /reason/ do I have for existing ? Why does my world even exist ? Who can benefit from my existence ? It really boils down to one thing.. We must /decide/ what our lives are for. People are alone in the universe but what about our ancestors and our children and childrens children ?l   We are unique in the animal kingdom since we can ‘get results in advance’ by using our imaginations and then take action to achieve results !

weather… focus control/influence


So I’ve been waiting for a break in the weather to get my camping trip to the Lakes in.. kind of like obsessing about something that I just can’t control. How much time do /you/ spend worrying about things that you truly have no control over ? Some things you have complete control over ( your thoughts and how you perceive  events in you life for example ) , some things you have the power to influence… But the weather is not a good thing to rely on to make you happy ! Especially if you are planning on going to the Lake District and don’t want to get (too) wet 🙂

keeping score

So on a final note, how do you know you have got where you wanted to go if you never knew where you wanted to be ? They say that having written goals is one of the best ways to be successful. Some people will never get there though because they set impossible rules for them selves. Why not make it easy for yourself to feel happy or fulfilled ? The source of all our emotions is ultimately  from within our selves. We /choose/ when to feel ecstatic and when to feels depressed..


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