Getting SERIOUS !


I have been reviewing the books I have previously read on WWW development and have decided that really I’ve been making every thing a lot more complicated than it really is ! Lets face it, HTML is basically lists, forms, tables, links and images.. There is not a lot of programming problems that will not have been solved and discussed a million times on the web forums ! I actually had a great chat with a web developer I met on a recent camping trip. It transpired that he had actually created a fairly profitable business¬† out of making web sites for hotels and small firms but he admitted that he had not really read that much on the subject and that I probably knew more about the subject than he did. The difference is that he has gone out and sold his skills. Knowledge with out action is not that useful… I guess…


Anyway, Ive started a new project.. I’ve bought my self a Digital Piano ( well actually 2, I also won a keyboard on Ebay !) I’m also plugging my way through the Logic Pro 9 manual. Logic is a complete ‘Recording studio in a box’ application for the Mac. It’s completely amazing and is affordable priced. I remember the days of Steinberg 24 on the Atari ST and have always wanted to truly master computer music and the Piano !

So I am working on a site to provide web based access to the UK Hills Database. Today I have identified 3 ways to import an Access data base to My SQL! Decisions Decisions …

1. Save from Access as XML, create My SQL tables manually and play around with a PHP script


2. Create a MySQL database on my PC and set it up for ODBC transfer


3. use a CSV file and a perl script.. well actually this is pretty similar to 1. but I already played around with this….




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