I never thought I would be interested in Time Management !

I have just finished reading ‘Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions’ What a great book. It’s not about slavishly memorising slick answers, the author wastes no time in presenting a comprehensive refresher on the laws of engagement between employee and business. What makes companies tick and how to understand what employers are looking for, and sell your self with each answer. We are reminded of the purpose of the employee within a company is simply to ‘solve a problem’ and contribute to the bottom line. The book describes five secrets of interview success and it’s very convincing. I have to say this book has really motivated me to get going with my job hunting. I have also been re-visiting my Anthony Robbins ‘Time of Your Life’ tapes. This is a fantastic program on Time Management. Having been in a reactive role I found I needed to brush up on my skills here and and I have really enjoyed this course.

I am making progress with my fitness training. I row 60 minutes  a day. Via the magic of Ebay I procured a long headphone cable for less than a fiver. This enables me to sit in front of the TV and be entertained whilst burning off the calories ! It’s a great way to eat up those hours of TV that are clogging up my 1TB Freesat PVR whilst having a complete body work out. I’ve also got a dehumidifier that turns my sweat back into heat ( should save a bit off the gas bill perhaps 🙂 ) The plan is to do more resistance training at the Gym in addition to the rowing ,  Ultimately I want to enter into the New Forest marathon !

I’ve finally made reall progress on my web site, actually sat down and started coding after thinking about what basic layout I wanted. It’s going to be mainly textually based and should be on line within the next few days. It uses a snazzy JQuery based loading navigation. The content is mainly about my professional profile, and  what books I have read, training done and current projects, and it lets people download my CV

I have just started on ‘Learning IOS’ Orielly and have today been getting my head around the syntax of Objective C . Apparently it’s based on SmallTalk were as Java and every thing else is based on Simular. Now those are two names I actually remember University lecturers banding around all those years ago. Perhaps I will have a quick review of these two ‘archetypal’ languages . I have already covered Java in some detail so I think I should be able to get a head start on understanding the Object Oriented aspects of IOS Coding. Hopefully my first App might not be too far off, which would be cool 🙂

The weather was nice on Tuesday and I got out on the Mountain bike into the Forest for a few hours. It’s been horrid since then so it’s back to the Gym this afternoon. Watching the news footage of people being flooded out, not a very merry Christmas for some people and my heart goes out to them.


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