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I have been listening to Antony Robbins tapes. AR is an acknowledged brainy dude. .

Antony Robins is  a self help guru/ motivational speaker/ money making intellectual. There are many, many  topics he covers and I would highly recommend any one to have a listen.  I thought I would try today to give a brief outline of what he describes as the ‘ Six Human Needs’. These needs are  a must for the human creature.

The insights  are the result of decades of experience hosting conferences, mentoring and coaching societies biggest and brightest personalities . These are the fundamental human requirements that people must have, presumably beyond such things as water, food, shelter ( but I just added that LOL ) The thing to note is that the human condition is in constant flux and we are all about trying to maintain a balance, within some conflicting needs.


1. Certainty

If you were not sure that the floor would hold your weight as you got off the Sofa to get a cup of tea… How would that make you feel ? We NEED to be certain . We need to be sure that we can obtain our basic needs and be comfortable.. A feeling of certainty .

2.Uncertainty ( Variety , change… )

The trouble is.. when we are TOO certain… when we know exactly what is goiing to happen and when and in what order… we get BORED ! Think about it.. we strive  to be sure  about what is going to happen.. finances.. relationships.. physical body. What if  you were 100% certain that you knew exactly what was going to happen every day for the rest of your life  though ? Is that Kind of like a life sentence ? We NEED uncertainty.

3. Significance

Another key human need is to be different and to feel that we have a strong identity that we can consistently adhere to . As with all the other key needs, what actually constitutes ‘significance’ is highly personal. Some people will get significance from owning the biggest house, another person might think that they are significant by having read the most books. The thing is that we all like to be individuals and we like to be recognised as such.

4. Love ( Connection, Belonging … )

What happens when someone becomes un-usually ( totally ) ‘Significant‘ ? Tony goes on to talk about his pop star clients who have dedicated their lives to becoming totally ‘unique’ . The trouble is that it’s part of the human condition to also need to be a part of bigger whole. This can be in the form of a loving relationships or perhaps just  membership of a club or connection to mother nature. What ever it is, this need exists and is in constant battle with our need to be significant.

5. Growth

These last two human needs  enable a  fulfilled life. We can all normally find a way to meet the first four needs, on some level, by some vehicle. To achieve  growth we must learn how to appreciate  our time, manage our abilities   and understand the benefits of constant and never ending improvement. I am paraphrasing from other tapes lots.. but I think it’s about right !

6. Contribution

We are social creatures and our fullfillment comes from working with others and sharing common goals. What use an Island Paradise with no people with which to share it  ? To be remembered in the annals of time as a great person, a philanphropsit is a noble goal.

Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that today, you added something, you did not expect reward, but you gave a sole happiness or relief .


Blog over… I would certainly recommend his  ‘Time of you Life’ tapes if you need ‘More time’ although probably wouldn’t shed out actual cash for them LOl 😉


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