I’ve got my site online ! ( sort of )

Well, I finally got bored with  reading books all the time and decided I would actually have a go at creating a ( self promoting ) website:

My Wordy Web Page

As the link text implies, I think I went a bit over the top with the amount of text so will probably hone it back  at some point. It also looks really horrid in Internet Explorer, which I think is possibly  a good thing ! The highlights though  are the colour scheme ( Ha  ha )  and the rather dubious use of Jquery to transition between the pages and zoom my photo.

Since creating this site I have had a bit of a ‘relapse’ into reading . I’ve started on ‘Programming PHP 3rd edition.’ Having hit the chapter on XML though I’m starting to loose the will to live ! Who cares about XML ?  Creating dynamic image files is much more fun 🙂 I am also reading through  ‘Personal Development All-in-one for Dummies‘ I’ll say no more !

So I have decided that I have really read enough about  Web Development for the moment and have just done a bit of brainstorming about what sites I will now start to actually create. “Doing is learning” as they say and I need to manifest something good as the results of my studies !

Looking forward I am going to direct my professional long term development towards programming on IOS/ Android platforms.


I’m also enjoying learning Piano, it’s so much more rewarding these days because digital pianos consistently sound nice.. assuming you play the correct notes of course ! I have made  slow but very definite progress and that’s the main thing.

I can now play all the scales on the white keys 2 octaves both hands… and even manage to play notes in time ( although not with both hands together just yet ) It’s all about having a ‘can do’ attitude, focusing on what is getting better whilst recognising exactly the areas you need to work on.

There are plenty of online Piano resources these days too, which is pretty cool.







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