Moths. iMovie. I am Coda 2


I’ve been avidly reading the ‘Missing Manual’ for iMovie 11 this week. I have also got Premiere Elements 11 installed on my Macbook. I did a simple demo project on iMovie and was quite surprised at just how intuitively easy it was. Adobe may have the edge when it comes to more advanced features, however iMovie 11 really is the way to go for rapid results .


I’ve made a purchase/ life decision today. Since starting to learn about web Development I have amassed a large collection of disparate software tools. . I came across Coda a while back. It’s a Mac based all-in-one Web development App.. OK so I thought that there are free tools to do every thing that this one does so I decided that it was not worth the entry cost. I’ve since found a little ( 64 page ) book that  covers the fundamentals of the Coda 2 environment, and I felt as though I had got a taste of what it was really capable of. It’s more a case of enabling me as a developer  to focus in on the task of web development . Any hows, I have sprung the £50 and bought Coda 2 from the App store..Buying from here should mean that I can install in on all my Macbook and my iMac 🙂  The book also introduced me to the wanders of SCM.. Source Code Management.. what an insight LOL 🙂


I’ve got a bit of a problem with moths. My house seems to have become a haven for the little critters. They like to eat my carpet in my office… It must but pure wool. Although that’s the only thing they seem to be able to digest and despite my best efforts with the Hoover.. they seem to be hard to eradicate.


That’s your lot for now folks 🙂


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