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Wow, I had a great time cycling in the New Forest yesterday. I was a little late getting up and had a bit of bike maintenance to do first ( new chain ) . It was still sunny pretty much all afternoon though, albeit rather chilly for shorts . The tracks in the forest were teaming with cyclists, walkers and horse riders, I was quite surprised in fact at how many people there were about. The busiest I have seen it and I have done /a lot/ cycling there.

Some times in winter I can do the whole 50 mile route and not see another person. It’s really nice to share such a beautiful place and such a nice day with other like minded people. Normally I listen to music or more recently I have been listening to  audio books, which I  create .

I found a 10 year old DVD-R that has the sound track for ‘Pulp Fiction’ on it and It read perfectly, so I listened to that on my ride.  I have recently watched the film on BluRay and was blown away by how good it looks !

I’ve been exploring my way around in Coda 2,  ‘moving my stuff in’ and tinkering about. So much so that I broke my Blog actually 😉 Coda has a neat MySQL editor and I changed my database password whilst playing with it.. All is well now though, after I finally figured out which PHP script contains the password.  Phew 😉

I have set up my site on Coda and loaded up one of my pages into the editor . I was immediately shocked at the sheer number of SPELLING MISTAKES ! I think I have become used to Apples spell check sorting me out. Obviously what ever app. I was using before, did not use OSX spell checking .  That’s a trivial example of the cool way Coda integrates with the Mac  compared to some of the open source multi-platform alternatives.

Coda lets you open another window, which I discovered whilst trying it out . I realised that as well as being an ‘All In One’ platform for the laptop, I can also stretch out over my two monitors, or use one as a preview . For my next trick I will set up Git source code managment so I can  keep track of my progress and back things up online.

It’s actually sunny here again today, so I am  going out with my camera to do a spot of top down cruising in the MX5. I’m just waiting for my iPad to charge up though, in case I feel like doing some reading. Must get to the gym this evening, it’s been sunny so much this week that I have not been there at all. What a life, it’s all go 😉



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