New Milton rec. to get major Revamp !


I had some ( fairly ) exciting news this week. it seems that the  New Milton recreation centre where I seem to be spending a large percentage of my time these days… is going to have a major re-vamp. They are re-tyling the entire Swimming pool, adding a new sauna and steam room and adding more space to the CV area in the Gym. It’s quite exciting really, since it’s one of the most popular community resources around here. It gets me out of the house anyway, and makes a change from rowing or running or cycling ! Hey we are lucky here to live between a beach and an ancient woodland with 100 miles of cycle tracks too 🙂 I normally do exercise every day.. sometime even a run down the beach, followed by a bit of rowing. It helps to burn through those beer calories if nothing else. They say that the life benefits of belonging to a club can be equated to a financial income ( or something like that ) This week I have been doing a lot of running along the beach, since I generally don’t go to the Gym when it’s sunny outside. You only need a little bit of sun when you are at the beach and you have already picked up quite a tan 🙂

Have been talking to various job agencies this week, having posted my CV and web site on some job sites. I have to keep a list of every thing I do that’s job searching related.. so that I can show it at the  Job Centre.  I really want to get some practical experience in a web developer role, but all the jobs seem to require experience.  I might be looking at getting some kind of temporary work to pay the bills, with a view to setting myself up as   a freelance web developer. I think the idea is to set up a balanced way of life, kind of earn enough to live well, but not devote my entire existence to sitting in an office or commuting . To that end if any one wants any help setting up a web site please let me know !

I think I may be putting a lot of pressure on my self to start being more productive. It’s easier I guess to sit here and read a book.. you have a clear objective and can easily measure progress. It’s also a lot easier to get distracted and end up watching TV for hours.. TV the love of my life 😉

 New Book

Having been doing a lot of physical training and job searching recently, reading was starting to take a back seat. I find I need to keep my brain occupied so I’ve started reading …

” Professional Website Performance: Optimizing the Front-End and Back-End”

and am finding it fascinating. It really gets down into the nitty-gritty of the mechanics behind the Web. I never realised how it was http version 1.1 which enabled multiple hosts on a server for example, using a header in the request. I’ve always wandered how for example my Freehostia shared server knows to go to my site and not some one else’s . I never looked at or thought about the internals and gif, png and jpeg compression algorithms and how they can be optimised . Interesting also to learn about how browsers actually download the resources for a web page and what goes on behind the scenes and how to interpret those neat looking ‘waterfall’ models you see in Web inspectors.

Since I come from a systems support/ admin background, web performance is actually quite an interesting topic for me. It’s good to get a view of how the web technologies mesh with systems level resources. The book condenses the insite of much practical experience in the area of making web pages faster into a very readable form. It’s good to have a picture of what you should be aiming for in terms of clean, well written optimised  code, and properly configured server and software etc.

iPod drama

I lost my iPod touch last weekend and have spent much of this week looking every where for it. Normally ‘find my iPhone’ does the trick, but to my horror ‘ itouch11 ‘ was showing as offline.Hmm surely too much of a coincidence that it’s lost inside my house AND the battery has gone flat ? I became convinced that some one must have stolen it out of my pocket at Tesco’s ! I was starting to resign my self to life with no iPod touch, really quite a sad thought.  It took three attempts at searching my MX5 before I finally found the shiny iPod under the seat. I was amazed since I had checked there twice before and could not see it ( I guess I did not think it was actually there.. it’s such a small ( and beautiful 🙂 ) device. In the MX5 you literally have to push the seat all the way forward before you can retrieve what ever is under it, your arm can’t seem to get under the seat from the front for some reason ! I must have had it in my pocket when I went out driving and not even realised ! I’ve set up a lock on it in case it goes missing again… part of the worry was someone getting access to my email and iTunes etc etc..


Well I’m off to the gym now, I’ve read a chapter of my book today. I know it will all be worth it in the end ! Going to buckle down and get some PHP code under my belt soon, from my discussions this week, it seems there are no shortage of PHP jobs !


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