Mountain DB online ( almost )

I’ve uploaded a preview of my UK Hills database site. There seems to be a problem with freehostia’s server at the moment since the files I ftp’ed are not showing up !  As if making web applications didn’t require enough patience. Their DNS server seems to have stopped working as well, had to put an entry in my hosts file ( again) . Perhaps time to splash out some cash on a decent hosting service, it’s not exactly expensive and I guess I’d get SMTP access too.. and probably a few other things that my current free hosting does not allow.

I’ve been out cycling most of the day today, it’s been lovely and sunny and I’ve picked up a bit of a tan. I listened to my Anthony Robbins ‘Time of Your life’ tape as I cycled around the New Forest ! Today was the one where he does an ‘Emotional Flood’ the guy can talk..




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