Running, Rowing, MX5’ing and Coding

Well what a day it’s been so far !

I had a great run down the beach, had a chat to a lady running in the opposite direction since we were both struggling to climb over rocks. There has been major cliff slippage this year and you have to choose between climbing over perilous boulders or getting muddy feet !

I did a bit of rowing when I got back and then decided it was simply too nice a day to stay indoors. I have been out cruising around the New Forest in the MX5. As the afternoon progressed  all the cars and bikes appearing from no where started jamming up the roads, so I headed home. It’s going to be a busy weekend in the Forest. It’s a shame though that the best of the weather seems to have come and gone. I’ve been out in the sun shine as much as possible, you never know it might be the only summer we get ( as they say 🙂 )

Whilst out negotiating the twisties and revelling in the sunshine with the top down, I came across an upside down 4×4.. evidently the New Forest roads are too twisty for some. The chap was stood there and I checked he was OK.. He was on the phone to the pickup company I suppose, he seemed a bit shocked !

I’ve just spent a while working on my PHP Hills Database page. I’ve added some input checking and some other bits and pieces. Since the form is generated statically I decided to only show it on the first load. Normally you would expect the values you entered to come back after the form was sent so you could edit them… well this is a work in progress ! I’m going to do a little bit every day, perhaps tomorrow I’ll make it look nice and fix the layout. I also want to limit the number of columns shown by default and hide the select box unless the user wants to change the view. This will need to be done on the client side in javascript .


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