Progress on Hills Database Web site.

I’ve spent too much time today trying to figure out how to make a duplicate table header to sit above  my table, so that I can scroll the table and still see the headers.. ! It was quite educational I learned several string functions, how to ‘flip’ arrays, and how to manipulate document structure using JQuery.

I decided to give up on the idea for now however since for some reason the columns in the two tables are not quite the same width. I was assuming that the browser calculates column widths based on the longest field in the table. I therefore created a 2 row table with the headers and the longest query results for each column in the second row. I put this table in it’s own div above the main table… alas still the tables seem to be rendered slightly differently . Time to Google  or use some kind of neat pre-built library solution 🙂

Two things I have learned today 🙂

1. Coda is great until you put all your CSS, HTML, Javascript and PHP into one file and then all the neat features stop working ! I guess I should really have my javascript in a separate file, or perhaps change the syntax mode more often ?

2. the size attribute on the <select> tag is NOT the same as the size CSS setting ! DOH, This one took me a while… 😉

Anyway I have done a lot of other stuff today too, with the site.

  • started to improve layout and updated titles
  • reduced the number of columns shown by default
  • made the select box hidden by default
(more ) To do’s:
  • decided if GPX file can be generated on the Client side, output in a text box ?
  • figure out ( decide !) how to make form values persist ? Ajax ? Reading Query string ? PHP ?
  • add the remaining classifications to the form…
  • change the height selection to free form
  • will need to sanitize all user input for security… have not done that yet !

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