Another update :-)

Well I’m really picking up some momentum on the hills DB site. I’ve had to put it back onto the freehostia server with a view to getting OS Maps integration to work ( see previous post )

  • added more hill classifications
  • added a dynamically updating link which can open a street map 25K OS in new tab
  • changed PHP to re-print the header in the table every 10 rows, using a function
  • added a function to enable searching by OS 25K map name.. handy this ! ( uses regexp since this is another listed field tut tut )
Have been out running in the sunshine as well, possible might go cycling around the New Forest if it’s going to be nice again tomorrow.
The Current site is here BTW 🙂


I added a second map to the site using OS Openspace last night. It took quite a bit of brain power, LOL.. they don’t seem to have a sensible set of documentation for some reason.The really annoying thing is that that API requires a registered domain and I’d started using another server where my domain was not hosted.All this to get just a measly 50K map. They don’t even have an online system to update that domain.. you have to email them. I decided to move every thing across, which was going OK until I realised that 000WebHost don’t currently let you install WordPress ! Ahhhggh !

I’ve put every thing back onto freehostia now, since the ftp seems to be working again ( although it’s the slowest FTP server I’ve ever come accross )

Not sure what to do today, it’s sunny outside but to be honest I’ve almost had enough sunshine this week, I’m starting to feel a bit burned. I really want to get to the gym and do some weights, but it’s a shame when the sun’s out.