I added a second map to the site using OS Openspace last night. It took quite a bit of brain power, LOL.. they don’t seem to have a sensible set of documentation for some reason.The really annoying thing is that that API requires a registered domain and I’d started using another server where my domain was not hosted.All this to get just a measly 50K map. They don’t even have an online system to update that domain.. you have to email them. I decided to move every thing across, which was going OK until I realised that 000WebHost don’t currently let you install WordPress ! Ahhhggh !

I’ve put every thing back onto freehostia now, since the ftp seems to be working again ( although it’s the slowest FTP server I’ve ever come accross )

Not sure what to do today, it’s sunny outside but to be honest I’ve almost had enough sunshine this week, I’m starting to feel a bit burned. I really want to get to the gym and do some weights, but it’s a shame when the sun’s out.


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