I’ve Ajax’ed the hills database..

I’ve been out cycling today, 50 miles and a very sunny and tranquil forest after the hustle and bustle of the bank holiday. According to the weather report it’s going to be the last of the sunshine for a while so I thought I’d best make the most of it .

Whilst out cycling I listened to a Jquery audio book I recorded for my self, I managed the whole thing !

I’ve just been working on the Hills Database app. and have set up the table to load via Ajax. It fades in and out on loading new data  as well which is nice.  I had a bit of a brain wave today, it would be good if instead of simply replacing the table each time, there were an option to add or subtract the new results from the existing table. Now that I have it set up so that the form values do not reset each time, I should be able to manipulate the DOM and add/remove table rows, using the hill number as the key.

I need to do some serious job hunting stuff tomorrow.  I need to update my CV and see what’s about .


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