latest version of hills database app online..

My current project is progressing.. I’m really enjoying using Coda on my Mac, it seems to have given me the focus I need. I am making the transition from reading and learning to doing and learning. It’s very helpful to be able to refer back to the books I have read.

  • I’ve switched the PHP code to use the mysqli MySql interface,
  • added a new form element to enable more refined searching by height. ( HTML and PHP code)
  • fixed some logic errors in the page initialisation..
  • I tested the GPX file creation, it works ! Load up the output into Google Earth 🙂
  • added some MySql indexes..general familiarisation with the mysq command line
coming up, I want to:
  • implement input checking and validation in the browser
  •  sanitisation in PHP to prevent MySQL injection. use mysqli parameter binding in the sql query generation….
  • get the OS 50k map to work, send email RE registered host for my API Key
  • tidy up the code ! It’s full of commented out stuff and the indentation needs looking at
  • start thinking about how the site will look at the end of the day. eg CSS, images, etc

I’m  reading a book on Web performance optimisation at the moment. God it’s technical… I can only really manage 20 minutes at a time ! I can’t believe in this day and age of cheap hardware that tuning MySQL caches is so important.. but I am still  learning a thing or two !

I thought summer was over yesterday, however I did manage a run down the beach in the sunshine today:-) I also did a bit of rowing..almost enough to justify a Pizza for supper LOL


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