Presidential Twittering

Amused to see the row over the Bolivian presidential jet is being conducted largely on Twitter ! Such a sign of the times.

I have started upon a new book, it’s all about how to build a basic CMS system using PHP ( and a bit of JQuery ). It’s one of those books where you can’t just read through it and feel like you are doing something worthwhile. I think I will really need to go through all the example code in this one, I should end up with the bare bones understanding of a fully working custom CMS system, cool !

Have just watched a Horizon Program about ‘ What Makes Us Human ?’ I love watching Alice Roberts, she’s very passionate about what she does. I listened to an Anthony Robbins tape on relationships, and some of what he goes into was very similar to what this programme covers. The human evolutionary advantage is our ability to learn and our total reliance on another human being at birth which gives us culture. Definitely a worth while watch if you want to fire up iPlayer !

I’m also reading ‘Abundance’… A great book that goes on about  how Exponentially growing technologies are going to deliver a future of global prosperity.  Nano tech, Mores Law, robotics etc etc… Fun reading if nothing else.

Looking forward to a bit more Sunshine this weekend, will probably be out cycling around the New Forest !



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