I’m studying Redhat (RHEL/ Fedora/ Centos ) !

I’ve dabbled with Linux on and off for years. I remember struggling to get it to dual boot on my first ever PC, staring at pages of weird messages and errors and wondering ‘why’ ? Windows just works for gods sake ! Ubuntu made things a lot better, but by then I’d already invested in Mac OSX and there was no going back.

I know Unix ( Solaris and OSX ) pretty well and Linux is pretty much the same these days… except every thing is a little different. Solaris has actually become a lot more like Linux over the years, using the GNOME desktop for example and the recent change to a repository based package system.  I guess I have always been a little bit snobish , thinking that Linux is not ‘real’ Unix. Well any way if you can’t beet ’em join ’em as they say, so I’ve embarked on reading a 1200 page book. ‘A Practical Guide to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux’

I’ve learned a few useful things already, but 1/4 way through and it’s mainly been a review exercise for me so far. Most of the stuff I learned in my first job working as an apprentice and I can  still remember learning my way around the Unix CLI. I never knew that you could use csh style command completion and history in bash ! bash is the default shell on Apple OSX and RHEL/Fedora. csh lets you do things like !! to repeat the last command, echo !$ to print the last argument and a whole lot more, I know this never worked in ksh on Solaris.

The latest Fedora is looking pretty slick, I  installed it on my Mac using VMWare Fusion, still not sure what it does that OSX doesn’t do though 😉 Interested in learning more about Linux since it is so common in industry today, particularly web servers and related config. etc. Ultimately I could do Redhat certification perhaps, although can’t really afford it ATM.

I’ve also found another great ( short ) book by a Designer who writes about 5 key topics to consider when designing for the web.It’s called “A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web (Five Simple Steps)” Hopefully I will really start to use all of the technical stuff I have learned  !



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