New job… Working for Charity !

Well, it was ‘suggested’ to me at the Jobcentre that I should get involved with some voluntary work. I was a bit apprehensive at first since I normally plan my days out myself to include quite a lot of self study and job searching.

I have been working in the Salvation Army shop in Highcliffe. This must be the ‘creme de la creme’ of charity shops. People turn up with bags of designer clothes and they literally fly out the door. The shop can make over  £450 in a day thanks to the army of volunteers, who process the donations and generally keep things ticking over. I have already met and worked with a lot of new people and it’s really quite rewarding to be able to put something back into the community. I am enjoying getting back into the habit of ‘going to work’ again, and the managers are very supportive and helpful even to the point of explaining to an IT engineer the correct way to hang clothes on hangers 😉

I’ve been plodding along with my Linux training, currently trying to get my head around iptables ( the Linux kernel based firewall ) I think I might need to read this chapter twice LOL !

Looking forward to escaping to the Lake District next month, before the winter sets in. I haven’t been camping so far this year, it’s been too hot for hill walking all summer.


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