Salvation Army work

‘Working’ for the Salvation Army shop has been demanding but rewarding. To start with I have bought more decent clothes in the last few weeks that the previous 4 years ! I am not exactly a follower of fashion, but I can’t resist buying some of the stuff that comes past me in the shop, as volunteers we get a 25% discount on top of the managers discretion ! On Friday I saved a barely worn Marks and Spencer cotton twill shirt from the rag bin. I just happened to notice that there was a washing machine snag mark on the collar. That is how fussy they are in this shop. They will throw out any thing that is slightly dirty, marked, worn, faded or just plain bad.

The tally so far:

  • 1 pair of M&S Blue Harbour brown Jeans, hardly worn of course.. ( £2.99 )
  • 1 pair ‘The North Face’ Goretex walking shoes ( barely used ) £* ( censored !)
  • Home Easy remote controlled Sockets and controller ( £2.99)
  • 4x GU10 Spotlight fitting for my lounge ( £2.99)
  • Woollen ( Cashmere) Coat from Next and smart Farah trousers ( £10.50)
  • Smart ( hardly worn ) shirt, tie and trousers from M&S ( about a fiver )
  • 3x T-Shirts each from the 99p rail !
  • a pair of M&S fleece pants ( hard to find) (£1.99)
  • An Alpaca Wool jumper for camping( £2.99)
  • A nice thick ‘Fat-Face’ (?) shirt, from the 99p rail  ( I don’t get discount on this LOL )
  • I also saved a pair of faded Regatta walking trousers and a truly knackered  Polartec fleece from the rag bin ! ( I’ve cut the arms off the fleece to make a nice body warmer that fits me as a snug mid layer 🙂 ) I mean come on, who cares if walking trousers are faded, I just could not bare to see them thrown out ! Also from the ‘rags’ was a barely worn M&S Cotton casual shirt that just has a small nick on the collar
So then if you ever wonder if people who work in charity shops skim off all the decent stuff before it ever even goes on sale.. then the answer is definiety ‘Yes’ Having said that I think the shop in Highcliffe is a little bit unusual. It’s in a quite an affluent area and there seems to be a lot of older people too. People who seem to like to go and spend money on things the evidently don’t really need.
The shop get so many good quality clothes to sell that they actually charge quite a lot, compared to the shops in New Milton for example, just down the road. I’ve put the recent experience on my CV and I did get quite a flurry of interest at least at first. I still need to work on getting a Web developers portfolio up together over the coming weeks and months though,
I have been riding my bike to the shop and have gotten a bit behind with my gym sessions, I’ve been out cycling in the New Forest this weekend, and running down the beach today as well. It’s been really sunny and I got out in the MX5 for a while too. There are still quite a few people out and about in the forest, cycling and horse riding etc.
After my stint of charity work I am planning on heading up to the Lakes to do a spot of camping for a couple of weeks or so. After I have reset my brain with some lovely clear mountain air ( no rain please ) I will be working a couple of afternoons a week at the shop ( if they will have me LOL ) and then will be cracking on with getting a portfolio together and/or finding some short term work to pay the bills…

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