SA Work done and dusted

Well, that was a fun four weeks of ‘voluntary’ work for the Salvation Army. In truth I did enjoy most of it. I’ve bought heaps of interesting and useful stuff and some nice clothes. I’ve picked up an iPad cover, a merino wool mattress topper ( they cost £180 new!)  and a few other bits and bobs this week. You really do get some good stuff and if you are working their they will normally let you buy it. We had a delivery of 6 bags of XXL mens clothes this week, quite sad, lots of babies clothes, kids toys etc. Any 18 DVD’s or VHS tapes get dumped so I have a few DVD’s and a collector edition ‘The Exorcist’ video ! It’s also handy being in the right place at the right time when stuff is taken off and put on the 99p rail !

It’s amazing going into a ‘real’ shop and seeing all the stuff for sale, the same stuff that people give away at the charity shop on a daily basis. I have one more day left, although I suspect that I will be volunteering for real when I get back from my camping trip, although not for 30 hours a week !

I’m monitoring the weather forecasts for the Lake District now , with a view to heading off on Thursday. Unfortunately the outlook is not great,  they are predicting lots of rain. I think I will have to risk it though since we are getting to the end of the camping season now, it’s starting to get dark early and cold.  I want to get up on the hills before there is much risk of snow and ice. Long range weather forecasts are hopelessly inaccurate anyway.  There is  the school holiday at the end of October so I want to be back by then, to avoid the crowds.

I’ve started reading up on Mobile web development, responsive web design and all that. I think mobile apps. are the way to make some money at the moment so that’s next on my reading list. I’m going to get down to some serious job hunting and practical stuff when I get back from the Lakes I suspect.

I managed to get back to the gym at  the New Milton sports centre yesterday and checked out the newly refurbished pool and changing rooms. It’s really nice. They have knocked down a few walls and made a unisex ‘Changing Village’ ( WTF ? ) There are lots of little cubicles and passage ways and I was totally disorientated at first ! I think I will have to get back into swimming now, it all looks really classy 🙂 I missed the grand opening since it was sunny last weekend and I went out running down the beach instead of going to the gym 😉

So then, I do feel a bit more energetic and focused having been ‘back to work’ for four weeks. We had a new recruit from the jobcentre this week. He’s not happy to put it mildly. He seems to have adopted the approach of ‘speak when spoken to’ and do exactly what your told and no more. It’s quite funny actually because you can’t tell if he really is stupid or if he’s just sulking. Any ways, I wont have to put up with him since I only have one more day of it !  I’m starting to compile a list of stuff to take camping, part of the fun of it for me is seeing how much stuff I can cram into the car… trying to make my tent a true ‘home from home’ and taking loads of food and home-brew etc. to keep the costs to a minimum 😉 I think I’ll have to test out my water proofs first as well. ’nuff said .


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