Principles of Web Design, Sexy Web Design

Well, having got ‘back to normal’ after my work experience I have kind of slipped back into my WWW studies ! I was looking forward to a trip to the Lake District,alas events seem to have conspired against that idea ( The un-inspiring weather does not help !)

I’ve found these two short books, going into the less technical aspects of web design, to be  very interesting . It’s a common mis-conception that one needs a kind of special gift, decades of experience and divine inspiration in order to become artistically creative. Experience  is obviously good to have, however there are fundamental principles ( tricks of the trade)  regarding what ‘looks good’ on the web. This book breaks down the design considerations ( colour, texture, typography) and goes into detail. Once you start thinking along these lines you really start to notice where web pages use the same old tricks over and over again.

Just as there are common ways to layout the basic components of a web page, there are tried and trusted methods used to  create attractive colour schemes and also ways to use a distinctive texture in order to add interest and visual appeal. It’s all about remembering who the page is for, creating a compelling emotional impact and guiding the viewers eye around the page, hopefully getting them to click on the ‘call to action’. Although ‘content is king’ as they say, it’s necessary to strike a balance between aesthetics and usability. The book discusses the  use of balance, unity, emphasis, texture and typography in design ( did I just use those words ? LOL ) It’s actually is not that scary once you see the examples. I’ve read a bit about general design consideration for the web before ( Head First Web design ) but this book from Sitepoint goes a little bit further. It seems like a pretty good read for someone already versed in the techie side of WWW development.

It’s bed time now LOL and I can’t remember which is which, but one of these books also goes into some details about the design process from a professional designers viewpoint, ie how projects work in real life.

I’m off to slumber land now, my Merino Wool mattress topper that I purloined ( for a princely sum) from the SA is waiting for me 😉


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