Learning more about WordPress

Phew that was a bit scary. I’ve just updated my WordPress installation ! I had to do it all manually, part of the joy of having a free hosting account. My account has a un-generous maximum file size of 500 KB  and doesn’t let PHP make outgoing connections ( or send Email for that matter ) These limitations conspire against the determined free web hosting fan, however it’s not a deal breaker.  I had to upload  thousands of files one at a time in FileZilla. Anyway it seems to have worked OK, although I’m still not on the latest version.

I was  interested in finding out how to integrate my WordPress Blog more seamlessly with my Web site, hence I’m in to ‘WordPress All in One for Dummies’ . It’s been claimed that about 20 percent of Web sites are built using WordPress so it’s probably worth while learning !

I have been pulling apart  a site which I like, it’s for the camping park I go to in the Lakes. I have been using this as a kind of a case study, trying to  see how it all works and to gauge my progress as a web nerd. Whilst delving around using the developer tools I noted that there were links to wp-content/ .. ah ha ! so they  must be using WordPress to allow the site owners to add posts etc etc.. cool ! Here it is BTW 🙂 I’ve not got to the part of the book yet that covers it, but I’ve seen various tutorials that show how with just a few lines of PHP you can pull in the posts from WordPress and have them appear as part of your web page. Watch this space..


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