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Well, the clocks have gone back and the stark reality of the cold dark evenings has hit me ! I’ve taken a few days off from my fitness regime and have instead just been for gentle walks around the New Milton duck pond . Oh for for the return of summer… runs in the sun and happy days cycling around the New Forest ! Ah what would I do with out TV though ? Such delights as Bear Grylls, Dual Survival and ‘Naked and Alone’ are all making an appearance and I love this sort of stuff. Any how I digress !

I stumbled upon a great CSS tutorial that I have been working through. It’s a series of short videos in which you get to listen to a pro. explain stuff in person. He covers a lot of ground and it’s great to watch things being demonstrated rather than just reading from a book. He uses a nifty WWW developer package called Brackets from Adobe. It’s quite clever and it’s free too ! Today I’ve been introduced to CSS pre-processors which add all sorts of nifty features to aid making style sheets. I would definitely recommend this course !

I’m also plodding on with the WordPress books “WordPress AIO for dummies” and “WordPress for Web Developers” ( Apress) ) A lot of the material I’ve covered so far is rather basic and familiar to me, having been playing with WordPress to make this blog for a few years now.  I’m more interested in learning about what all the PHP functions do, building custom sites  and digging in to the anatomy of themes and plugins etc. WordPress definitely seems to be the way to go for secure sites that enable users to maintain control over the content. Studying and earning about the guts of WordPress is also a great wayl gain some practical experience of PHP, HTML and Javascript etc.


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