Good Judgement comes from making lots and lots of mistakes


( I don’t think the title is really relevant but what the hell ? )

The New Forest 1st

I seem to have run out of steam a bit this November, physically at least. Perhaps it’s the onset of dark and cold evenings, perhaps the onset of old age ( I recently turned 40 ) , or perhaps just one too many re-heated Chinese take-aways, who knows ?  I however do seem to have found solace in re-vistiting long forgotten, sakred parts of the New Forest.

Cycling, runnning and smooching around in my MX5 have been my means of enjoying the forest in recent years.  Just recently I have reverted to  walking the paths instead and it’s been a real treat. Nothing beats strapping a flask of tea to your back, donning  your best pair of leaky waterproof boots and heading out for a stroll on a sunny autumnal day. I’ve snapped some nice photos  and have visited many of the familiar nooks and crannies.

Of course, these days it’s entirely possible to conduct a normal conversation with any one in the world, whilst stood in the middle of the New Forest… I’ve had quite a few discussions with various job agencies, whilst navigating the boggy paths and temperamental acorn fuelled ponies !


OK so what of new Web Dev. skills  I hear you say ? Well I’ve been dabbling in some more Tuts. Premium Video courses. I’ve also today covered some more WordPress reading. I’ve actually gotten past all the dross about how to use the admin interface and have started to learn how to make themes and plugins.

I have not quite got my head around how the add_action() function actually works under the hood, but as far as the API usage goes it all seems fairly straight forward. At it’s heart WordPress is a user editable, database backed CMS, with content organised into Posts and Pages. It has extensibility in the form of themes and plugins. Themes control the appearance and can be changed, or inherited from with out effecting the content  of the site. Plugins are independent of themes and can do all sorts of things (!) I hope that helps.. (?) OK so I’ll keep reading !


Who Makes the Web ?

I have been thinking of broad categories for Web sites, in an effort to understand what it is that really interests me the most about web Development. It’s fascinating that I’ve been able to narrow it down to only really 10 major categories or so. I’m thinking of names like ‘E-Commerce’, ‘Government’,  ‘Social Networking’, ‘Personal’, ‘Corporate’… you get the idea. 

The ‘Bread and Butter’ of Web Development,

Many people want to know the latest thing to do… but fewer ‘Do what they know’

It’s worth making  an effort to polish up  some key skills in Web Development and practice the fundamentals.These are a few of the things I came up with…

  • Aesthetics… Texture/ Depth/ Layout/ Colours/ Visual Metaphore etc
  • Typography
  • Functionality and Purpose, consider the user, personas. Information Architecture
  • Content

This really leads me on to the final part of my post… EXPERIENCE !


Experience, [ my Real -> Your Imagination ]

The most recent Agency person I spoke to came up with a fantastic statement

My Client doesn’t really care what sort of experience you have

The theory is that I come up with some ‘blue sky’ projects that help to provide some practice . I’ve kind of reverse engineered the process.. Watch this space LOL 😉




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