IE11 Intranet Mode


I’ve been playing around with simple Jquery UI and CSS3 properties today but ended up spending most of the time trying to figure out why IE11 would not  play along. It turns out that if you open a file on the local intranet ( my dev. web server or a network drive for example..) IE uses compatibility mode by default. Hence why even though I put the Html5 DOCTYPE it was ignoring it and did not recognise the CSS3 properties. It works now, go to tools -> Compatibility View Settings and un-tick ‘Display intranet sites in Compatibility view”

I’ve also started using ZEN coding.. a great plugin for Coda ( and other editors ) that lets you write things like this, hit control-e and watch it go…

.wrap>#myDiv>ul>li*5>a[href=”/page$.html”]{Page $}

<div class=“wrap”>

<div id=“myDiv”>


  <li><a href=/page1.html>Page 1</a></li>  

  <li><a href=/page2.html>Page 2</a></li>

  <li><a href=/page3.html>Page 3</a></li> 

  <li><a href=/page4.html>Page 4</a></li>  

  <li><a href=/page5.html>Page 5</a></li>




Quite a cool way to avoid typing all those tags.. it uses CSS style syntax


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