Please Nuke Lymington First

Have ordered a new Moto G, seems like it could be the ‘Ford Focus’ of smart phones for the next few years. I was tempted by the Samsung S4 since I’ve had the original I9000 for 2 years, but alas the latest incarnation really has too many superfluous bells and whistles for me.

I’ve been out and about in the New Forest snapping photos of the Autumnal colours. Hoping to incorporate these into some of my upcoming designs as I start to improve on my portfolio.

Current study is still WordPress for Web developers and a nice new Web Design  book from Site Point.

I’m fully wound down for Christmas already LOL. just one week left of my jobcentre forced crappy ‘training’ course and then I don’t have to ‘speak’ to another .gov employee again until 2014 !  Seriously this course is more like punishment (cruel and unusual ) Today we had to sit in an unheated, mouldy smelling room whilst being preached to about such exciting topics as ‘elf and safety and communication skills. Following each ‘lesson’  we’re asked to tick hundreds of  boxes and fill in and sign forms like robots. (pretty much the same as all the other days) There are some few and far between useful parts of this course but by far the best thing is that I   can at least claim 25p a mile for traveling to it ! To be honest the mock interview was really useful and I did need to improve on my CV a bit but in general it’s not a happy experience really.

It’s all bollocks..

Happy Christmas !







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