New phone,I love Android!

I have been playing with my new Moto g Android phone and it’s frankly quite amazing. My last phone was a Samsung Galaxy S which I guess is almost 3 years old now. The new phone cost 120 pounds on Tesco Mobile and I can’t really fault it. That’s actually about half of what I paid for the Samsung, 2 years ago when it was £240  on eBay, and about a third of the cost of getting the latest incarnation of the Galaxy S from eBay. I won’t bore anyone with the specs however if you Google you’ll find that it’s no slouch and it does have a rather gorgeous display too.

The Android operating system certainly has come a long way since I last checked it out. I’ve not actually tried out the latest version of iOS yet however I would imagine that Android 4.2 gives it a real run for its money.

I’m also very pleased with the Tesco mobile ‘triple’ tariff as well. I find it quite amazing that I can top up by 15 pounds and get 30 pounds worth of credit that lasts for a month and they also throw in 500 megabytes of data that lasts for a month. At the end of the month you are still left with 15 pounds top up credit! Your 15 pounds can then be used to buy data or call bundles so I think it’s just about the perfect tariff for me at least. Vodafone give you free data when you top up however you can only use the residual top up balance to pay for expensive calls. Giffgaff and o2 are probably pretty similar however they don’t seem to provide subsidised handsets or give you club card points for that matter! Pay monthly contract phones probably work out cheaper still, assuming you use all the included minutes that is.


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