new web hosting for Christmas!

I was looking through my e-mails yesterday and noticed a marketing message from uk2 offering half price hosting plans on 24 month contracts. Proof indeed that spamming people does work eventually.

So I guess £80 for 2 years hosting isn’t too bad. I was suitably impressed when I managed to get through to someone for a live text chat on the support desk at 9:30 on a saturday evening as well. In addition they give you 3 free domains which is fun. With a bit of know how these domains can all point to the same hosting plan making it appear like you have separate websites. In fact you can add as many domains as you like according to the marketing blurb. It is supposedly totally unlimited in all other respects as well…

I’ve been using Freehostia ever since I started teaching myself web development and enough is enough ! In theory they are offering free hosting however it is quite limited in that you cannot use out going connections and also the servers must be extremely heavily utilised since often my site is unreachable.

By the way I am writing this post using Google dictation on my new Android using the wordpress app which is totally awesome . There is also a translator app if you fancy learning how to talk Chinese in under 10 minutes. Google certainly seem to have caught up with apple here over the last few months !

Time to stop blogging and go and start cooking some bacon and transferring stuff to my new hosting .


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