New Hosting Live !

My UK2 hosting is now officially live, I’ve moved my domain with WordPress and the MySQL data etc over to it! I think I got a bit of a bargain, a 24 month hosting plan at half price 🙂

It’s quite exciting to see how fast the pages load now and also I now have proper PHP outgoing connections which means that WordPress will work properly for a start ! I also have SSH access to my server now, what a luxury! I can twiddle with files using vi, copy and move things about and all sorts.

It’s quite nice being able to talk to a support person as well, UK2 have a live chat system that seems to be manned pretty well. I’ve now added to my UK2 hosting and it appears as a separate web site, cool !

The PHP ‘Hills database’ page is even working, although only because it’s using a remote mysql connection to freehostia.. I haven’t updated it to use the new UK2 mysql  yet 🙂


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