What’s Simon reading ?

I completed my 6 week ‘Employability and Customer service ‘course, Yes it was about as much fun as the name implies… I will spare you the details! I’m definitely back into my comfort zone with regards to learning now and have several more books on my iPad waiting for me ! I’m sort or partway through ‘WordPress for web developers’, however I do feel I got a bit bogged down with all the functions . All I really wanted to do in the short term is add a list of new posts to my page LOL. I’ve also been going through all the nettuts+ video courses I can find. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the Ajax tutorial, It’s putting it all together that does my head in a bit, because I understand most of the concepts Involved. The latest thing to learn about here is the handlebars client side templating framework… This allows you to retrieve data from the server (via a XMLHTTP request for a example )and format it using a template based system, rather than hacking code together.

I am well into “Learning Android” I spent some time a couple of years ago studying Java, and it’s sort of paying off. Everything in Android is based on Java and it wont be long before I get my very first “helloworld” application up and running on my new phone . This book is a great tutorial that steps through the process involved in creating a Twitter application. I’m probably stating the obvious however it does appear that Android has won the day in terms of choice of mobile operating system. The latest version that I have on my new phone is simply awesome.

I am also reading ‘The Web developers roadmap’, another book by site point and about the third or fourth book on ‘web design in general’ that I’ve read. I think I’m finally starting to understand the importance of following a process when starting to design webpages. Web design is all about solving a problem or using design principles. The aim is to create the interest needed to make people want to view your content. I’m quite creative when it comes to photography and I think I can apply this skill to Web development.

I’ve been playing around with my new UK2 hosting, I’ve now got SSH access working and set up my free domains as add-on domains. Mostly I’ve been playing with my new Android phone recently though, and I can’t believe how it’s eaten up my entire broadband allowance for the second month running! It seems to be the Google plus auto backup feature which is the main culprit, I uploaded all the photos and music from my old phone and g+ automatically copied 3 GB of photos and video back to my Google Drive for me, cheers then !

Things seem to slowing down for this year, it’s amazing that people seem to make such a fuss about a few days off work, from my perspective anyway 😉 It’s promising news that the unemployment rate has dropped so rapidly, just-in-time for a big push in the New Year to find me a new job I reckon ! In the meanwhile I am going to get back up to speed with my cardio training, I’m feeling a bit flabbier around the gills recently! I’m already starting to think about a hiking trip early next year, having missed my opportunity this autumn . I have today been looking back at my photos from the summer longing after spending gorgeous sunny days on the beach !


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