Making OSX read a pdf Ebook to iTunes

Well, I discovered the ‘Text to Speech’ feature of OSX Mavericks a while back, I’m not sure exactly when it was added to OSX . The new Ibooks on OSX also allows you hear the book, but I wanted to save the entire thing to my iPod.. hmm ?

Today I found out how to use automator as well as what that funny ‘Services’ menu does !

To Create an Audio File from a PDF firstly you need to extract the text. Here is a link to show you how to use automator to create an app to do this. This in itself is pretty neat, I have been meaning to learn more about automator and Applescript for ages !

Next you can load the text into Textedit, select what you want and select ‘add to iTunes as spoken track’ from the services menu. This pops up a dialogue that lets you choose voice settings , hit return and that’s it ! If you don’t see this, choose ‘Preferences’ from the same menu and check that it’s ticked in the list on the right.

The resulting Audio Book is not really as good as my own Audio book creations, but  hey, it’s quick and easy once you know how !

Note that I could not seem to do it directly from Adobe reader or iBooks, and it’s much easier to select all the text once you have it in Textedit.


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