Using OSX internet sharing and BTWiFI for Sky ‘On Demand’

Following on from my fun and games with the OSX text to Voice feature yesterday I’ve just had another propeller head moment.

Sky ‘On Demand’ is very good, but seems to have been eating up all my 40Gb of broadband.  I have unlimited BT-WiFi access however which got me thinking.. . My router acts as a BT-Wifi /FON Hot Spot so I have been using this for large downloads to try and avoid paying for going over the limit.

Here’s the brainwave. I simply connected my MacBook up to BT WIFI, then connected the Sky+ HD box via ethernet and enabled internet sharing. Wow it works.. unlimited internet !

This is more of interest since OnDemand  uses the reserved space that was previously used only for ‘Any Time’ recordings. These are recordings that come via sattellite that the box records in case you want to watch them. I have found them of little use though since they are more often than not for premium channels that I can’t watch any way.

It’s pretty straight forward but here is a link if you need it. What might confuse you if like me you think to hard about this, is that the sharing is enabled via a Virtual IP address on the Ethernet, so the settings that show up in the Pref. pane are irrelevent. ( Try ‘ifconfig -a’ from the command line for more info if you are interested..)

There is a new setting in the Sky+ HD firmware ‘Enable Pushed on Demand’ This (it turns out) applies to content that appears in ‘Showcase’ that has been recorded via. the dish ( the ready to play icon is visible)Setting this to ‘OFF’ and hitting  ‘Save Settings’ does the trick ! The new OnDemand (pull) stuff makes use of the reserved partition so I believe..

BT WiFi is limited to about 600 KB/s but that’s fine for streaming stuff to the Sky Box.


Happy Christmas by the way 🙂


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