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Well it’s sunny outside so I’m going to   head off for a walk in the New Forest this afternoon.  I’ve started listening to ‘The Big Book of NLP’. I’ve sort of got an introduction to the subject curtousy of  Tony Robbins, but this book goes into way more detail, it’s quite interesting.

I had a job interview yesterday for which I was requested to ‘Create a User Guide for people new to Facebook on 1 side of A4’ Apparently part of the role is to write documentation for users… Well here is what I came up with. I think I need to do some research into SEO!  How to make this the top google result for ‘Facebook granny login’ ? 😉

Using FacebookA beginners guide

Facebook is a popular Social Networking service, accessible via a Web browser and on mobile devices. Social Networking utilises advances in Information Technology to facilitate interactive communication amongst individuals and organisations. As of December 2013 there were 1,230 million users on Facebook, easily making it the most successful service of its kind.

Facebook allows you to connect with others and keep up to date with their events. Facebook provides a personal wall for posts that others can see and comment on. In addition you can upload photos to your profile or create online photo galleries. You can also share Web links, comments and opinions , play games, or have an online chat with your aunt in Australia and much more.

Facebook is free to use, you just need access to a personal Email account. Email access can be arranged with your Internet Service Provider or by registering for a free online service.

Getting Started

  1. In your Web browser’s address bar, enter the following: www.facebook.com .
  2. Click the Green ‘Sign up’ Button to see the sign up page.
  3. Complete the form, remembering to use a secure ( un-guessable) password.
  4. Confirm that you are registering by sending a reply to the automated Email.
  5. That’s it ! You are now a member of Facebook and should be able to sign in.

Recommended First Steps

  • Before ‘posting’ to your wall consider clicking the padlock to choose privacy settings.
  • Click ‘Edit Profile’ and set up your details, upload a ‘Profile Picture’ so friends can see you.
  • Click ‘What’s on your Mind’ and type an introductory post, about yourself for example.
  • Use the ‘Find Friends’ feature to request that people you know join your list of friends.
  • Click on the Logo (F) or ‘News Feed’ to see all your friend’s posts in chronological order.
  • Send Personal Messages or chat to friends using the column on the right on the page.

Things to Remember

  • Be prudent when choosing what to post online, consider who might see it and any impact it could have on your online reputation, both now and in the future.
  • Don’t share confidential, highly personal or other sensitive information via your wall.
  • It may not be easy to remove content that someone has redistributed to other Web sites.
  • Be mindful that what you say and do online has an impact in the real world. There have been cases recently of people being held accountable to law for certain Facebook activity.

Learning More

This guide is intended only as an introduction, for more details see the documentation online at:


Simon Parker 25/03/14


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