‘Was that Summer ?’


Well it’s almost like summer is over and it’s not even really begun ! Seriously I’ve been out and about in the sunshine over the last few weeks, doing plenty of walking. With my ipod and courses converted to audio books the New Forest has become my classroom ! I’ve even dusted down the Mountain bike and have done a couple of long rides over easter, it’s been really busy here in the Forest. Alas no such nice weather on the horizon for now, so catching up at  the gym and currently  sat here staring out my office window at grey over cast skies.


I really can’t think of any thing else to really learn about with regards to Web development at the moment. I started learning the basics of Java a couple of years ago, however it’s sort of been on the back burner a bit. Clearly Android programming is where it’s all at these days though so it’s time to dig out those old notes and brush up on Java again 🙂

I read most of ‘Java how to program’ by Dietel  way back in 2011. This  really is a thorough book however it’s a bit on the wordy side. I think it’s intended to be used as part of a college course or something. The problem I had really was a lack of incentive to stick with it ! It all seemed rather academic, surely Web development skills would be easier to pick up and more relevant ?

Well, like I say, I’m sort of slowing down on Web development and pushing my horizons a bit to keep interested. Currently I’m working through ‘Android Application Development for Dummies’ which has a step by step tutorial showing how to  build basic Apps.  ‘Learn Java for Android Programming. ‘ is an up to date book that focuses on the Java that you need to know for Android. Android does not support the latest Java features so it’s good to know you’re not learning stuff that is not neaded.  I got bored reading yesterday and found a load of great Java tutorials on YouTube as well 😉

The thing with Android programming seems to be that it’s all pretty straight forward until you come across something you don’t understand. You need to be OK with how the API uses concepts central to Java or you go off on a massive side track research mission and loose track of what you were doing !. That’s why I’ve embarked on reading another hefty tome  about Java:-)  The trick really is to know when you can just get by with following examples and when you really need to dig deeper and invest the time to  understand what it happening to get a better idea of what you are doing.


I was thinking the other day on the difference between having a clearly defined set of goals, outcomes if you will and well, not having a plan. ‘If you don’t have a plan you are planning to fail’ so they say. I guess central to this is the idea of managing your time effectively too. I’ve done some ‘career management’ courses from Pluralsight recently , which talk a bit about this. It’s amazing to think that when you have a full time job you really don’t have enough spare time to have to worry about it.  The courses also talk about ‘personal brands’ and networking and all the stuff. I like the idea of being ‘CEO’ of me incorporated.. Well CxO as he goes on about…  what’s he’s saying is that it’s no longer possible to just keep your head down and do a good job for a company, you need to think beyond ‘job security’ to ‘income security’ which I guess is true.

I think there is quite a lot of over lap between Web development and Mobile, the skills gained in design and coding for example are quite transferable.


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