(Not) Man Flu



Yuk, I have been out of action for a full 9 days with the Flu ! I mean real Flu, not a cold or ‘Man Flu’ . We are talking  bed confinement , a persistent hacking cough, fever and  weezing lungs  which sound like they belong to a 60 a day smoker ! I think the worst part has been the strange repeating dreams though. Every time I wake up coughing my lungs up as if I am trying to solve a problem, and then wake up dazed and confused, trying to figure out what the hell is going on !

The worst is definitely over now so I am starting to ramp up my exercise regime again. I went for a lovely 2 hour walk in the forest yesterday, taking it easy again and enjoying the Sun shine today and then back to the gym tomorrow I hope. It’s still easy to over do it and end up collapsed in a heap on the sofa !

I have not had proper Flu for years so I guess I’ve done OK. I’ve got a bottle of ‘Codeine’ Linctus cough medicine standing by now. I think the worst part of this flu has been the persistent hacking dry cough, which is what the Codeine is meant to help with.


Java for Android

Wow this is a great book to read if you are having problems getting to sleep ! I’ve just been learning about inner classes and packages and stuff. I think I’m going to have to go through the example code and see what’s going on with this. This is why I like the idea of Web coding. You can see the results of all your hard work appear on screen, rather than just some abstract demo of an ‘Accounts’ class !




I’ve also been looking into Phonegap. This is a hybrid Mobile/ Web development framework. It uses the Web view capability and exposes native API’s for use with normal Java script. Quite a bit easier that learning Java or Objective C and I guess that as mobile CPU power becomes cheaper it may well make a lot more sense . I’ve also been doing a few other online courses and playing around with Photoshop.

I went on a random Web mission yesterday, was interested to learn about the music on ‘Discovery Dream cars’ This is some awesome guitar /rock music, faded will into the background . It turns out it’s recorded using a Fractal Audio Systems Axe-FX 2 using Drums from superior drummer software. I love learning about things like this. Not so long ago this sort of quality of production would have cost a small fortune and needed a room full of equipment. Today you can buy a small black box, a £200 software package and hook up your guitar and PC to create your own personal recording studio. Awesome ! I think I might look into learning to play the guitar 🙂

I’ve even managed to do some gardening and take a car load of stuff to the tip. Time to clear a space in the Garden for the summer.

I bagged a great new office chair from the tip for £4 too. I saw the lady pull up in a people carrier and dump it in the recycling area. It’s a fully functioning, leather effect , gas action chair… They wanted a fiver for it but I managed to haggle 😉




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