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Well, I’ve done most of the courses on career management by Jason Alba on Pluralsite now. I can’t say I find them as fun as the all the techy. programming courses I have been doing, but he has some good info. This last one  was quite an eye opener. It’s all about how you can use free online tools to monitor and record you progress whilst job hunting. Relationship tracking is quite a new concept for me, although I have been a customer support engineer for 10 years, so I  definitely built up some business relationships over the years I guess.

The course really focusses on the authors own Web site JibberJobber , where you can add all your contacts, documents,  actions and job details. It makes sense to keep all this info. related to a job search in one place, both so that you can see how you are getting on and measure your progress, and also for future refference.

The best way to get a job is through your contacts, and it’s normally the contacts of your contacts that can be of most help. Recording all this information together helps give a sense of progress and stops you feeling so overwhelmed. It’s similar to  CRM packages, but with features tuned for job searching.   There is another page here with a breakdown of other tools to to help you manage your job search.


I did a ‘Self Employment’ workshop recently and have picked up a  great book about starting a business . It’s useful info. for any one looking for a job as well really I guess.

I’ve also been doing a new course by Adi Purdilla on TutsPlus, all about coolJavascript libraries, a bit more fun that one 🙂 I’m still chugging my way though  two large books on IOS and Android programming as well  LOL 🙂


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